1. Cooks Fast Food- The reason i picked this job is because all my life my favorite thing to do is cook. So i feel this will be able to really show my talent and passion for cooking.

2.Pest Control Worker- This seems more interesting then challenging. Just think of all the cool thing you can see and find out. The people, work, money, and exploration. This may be a very amazing job.

3.Computer Operater-This is also another very very interesting job. The work is quiet complicated but fun once you learn. Whether your broadcasting, internet freak, this is an all around great job

4.Computer Hardware Engineer- This job is amazing for you whether man or woman. To install the most increadible hardware on computers and to get to see it first. Must i go on you can see why i also love this job.

5.Computer & Information Research Scientists- I know, I know tired of the computer jobs what can i say this is just my favorite work. Information and reasearch is my computer specialty typing looking up information that's just awsome.

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