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*What they do:
Help electricians by performing duties requiring less skill. Duties include using, supplying or holding materials or tools, and cleaning work area and equipment.

*On the job, you would:
  • Measure, cut, and bend wire and conduit, using measuring instruments and hand tools.
  • Trace out short circuits in wiring, using test meter.
  • Strip insulation from wire ends, using wire stripping pliers, and attach wires to terminals for subsequent soldering.

Arts and Humanities
  • English language
Engineering and Technology
  • mechanical
  • building and construction
  • customer service
Math and Science
  • physics

Basic Skills
  • listening to others, not interrupting, and asking good questions
  • talking to others
Problem Solving
  • noticing a problem and figuring out the best way to solve it

Hand and Finger Use
  • hold or move items with your hands
  • put together small parts with your fingers
Ideas and Logic
  • notice when problems happen
  • order or arrange

high school diploma or
some college
usually needed

*Job Outlook:
New job opportunities are very likely in the future.

$27,220 per year, on average

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